Friday Night Tapas ToGo!

Remember those cozy Friday Nights at the Classic Café? The festive atmosphere, the great musicians, and the yummy food?
Well starting today for a limited time on Fridays & Saturdays, you can get a taste of the Friday night Tapas you love so much.
Call in before 2:30, 530 265 9440, to order and we’ll have it ready for pickup between 4-5:30pm.
Bouillabaisse, Filet Mignon, Mushroom Toast, French Fries, Sweet and Savory Crepes, its all here, and its delicious!



Fresh Prawns – sautéed with olive oil and garlic 14.99
Lille Bouillabaisse – classic onion, tomato cream base with fresh prawns, mussels, and scallops 14.99
Fresh Mussels – simmered in Sauvignon wine with onions and cream 14.99
Smothered Filet Mignon – with blue cheese and caramelized onions 17.99

Small Tapas

Mushroom Toast – sliced mushrooms simmered in cream sauce on toasted bread 7.99
French Fries – 5.99
Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, or Curly Fries – 6.99


Classic Burger – ⅓ pound All Natural Classic Niman Ranch Burger served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles served with French fries or salad 14.99
Veggies Burger – served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles served with French fries or salad 14.99

Burger Additions – Cheddar, Jack, American, Swiss 1.50 Brie, Blue, Feta 1.80 Bacon 2.50 Avocado 1.30 Green Chilis 1.30 Grilled Veggies or Caramelized onions 0.80


Popeye – 1 crepe filled with sautéed onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomato, fresh spinach melted cheddar cheese topped with homemade hollandaise sauce, sprinkle tarragon…$11.99
Prime rib – 1 crepe filled with slices Prime Rib au Jus topped with Horseradish sauce and sour cream…$12.99
Genevieve’s special – 1 crepe filled with caramelized onions, sautéed Organic chicken and melted brie topped with brie, sprinkle tarragon..$12.99
Simply mushroom – 1 crepe filled with sautéed mushrooms, sauce Mornay, Jack cheese, sprinkle tarragon ..$10.99
Crab – 1 Crepe filled with crab, tomatoes, avocado, and hollandaise sauce
Paris – 1 crepe filled with ham, cheese and sauce Mornay ….$10.99


Organic Spring mix with:

fresh tomatoes, homemade croutons, cheese…$6.99
melted brie cheese, sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes.. $11.99
blue cheese, candied walnut and pear.. $12.99

Genevieve ‘s salad – Spring mix topped with warm potatoes, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, sprinkled cheddar cheese..$13.99 add grilled chicken $3.79 or avocado $1.30
Salade Nicoise – Butter lettuce, warm potatoes, fresh tomatoes, black olives, cooked diced eggs, tuna, anchovies….$14.99


Tarte Tatin – fresh upside-down apple pie topped with homemade whipped cream
Mixed Berry crepe – with homemade whipped cream…$6.99 Add Hot Belgium chocolate …$1.00
Bananas/chocolate crepe – with homemade whipped cream topped with our Hot delicious Belgium chocolate…$6.99 add shaved coconut …$0.30
Lemon crepe – juice of lemon with powdered sugar Tasty and light! $5.99 add whipped cream $0.50
Nutella crepe – original creamy chocolate hazelnut spread …$6.99
Sugar crepe – $3.99

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